Our customers are asked to agree to the following terms before signing their dogs into dog day care at Lily’s Barn.

Lily’s Barn hereby agree that we shall act with integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness to clients, client’s pets and client’s property. The welfare of client’s pets is paramount and their safety and wellbeing shall not be made subordinate to any other consideration. As a member of the Pet Industry Federation we are bound by the Terms and Conditions for Registered Petsitters as set out by the PIF. In order to ensure we fulfil our obligations to you the client, we ask all new customers take a few minutes to read and sign the terms and conditions below –

1. By enrolling the above named dog(s), I represent that I am the legal owner of the named dog(s) and I assume all risks, dangers and responsibility for injuries to the named dog(s).

2. All dogs must pass a general behaviour assessment in order to attend dog day care. No dog may be admitted that shows any signs of any type of aggression. I confirm my dog(s) is friendly to other dogs and humans and shows no aggression unless I have made you fully aware of it. Any dog demonstrating aggression or other behaviour deemed to be unacceptable by Lily’s Barn staff may be required to leave daycare irrespective of the length of time the dog has been enrolled in Lily’s Barn.

3. My dog(s) is fit and healthy to take part in any activities whilst at Lily’s Barn, and is capable of play and exercise with other dogs unless I have made you aware.

4. My dog(s) is healthy and will at all times while attending Lily’s Barn, have current vaccinations including the kennel cough vaccine and regular treatment for worms, ticks and fleas. I will provide Lily’s Barn with an up to date copy of my dog(s) vaccination record annually. I am not enrolling any dog in Lily’s Barn that has any condition that could potentially jeopardize the health of other dogs or people and has not had any potentially communicable condition within 21 days prior to enrolement. I also understand that even if my dog is vaccinated for Kennel Cough there is a chance that Kennel Cough can still be contracted. I agree that I will NOT hold Lily’s Barn responsible if my dog(s) contracts Kennel Cough.

I am responsible for ensuring the efficacy of any treatment that I give my dog(s) for worms, fleas and ticks. In addition, I agree to check my dog regularly for ticks and fleas and to inform Lily’s Barn of any unwanted passengers. In the event of any fleas being present, I understand my dog(s) will not be able to attend daycare until they are flea free.

5. My dog(s) will wear a suitable collar with an identity tag at all times and has been microchipped.

6. Female dogs who come into season will not be able to attend Lily’s Barn for the duration of their season (usually 2 – 3 weeks).

7. Entire male dogs will not be accepted into daycare beyond 9 months of age. Male puppies who attend daycare will be monitored closely as they reach adolesence and the timing of neutering will be agreed between the client and Lily’s Barn should the client want the dog to continue to attend daycare. Lily’s Barn reserve the right to exclude male puppies and adolescent dogs from daycare if their entire status affects the behaviour and temperament of other dogs in daycare.

8. To have appropriate insurance to cover my dog(s) personal injury in the unlikely event of an incident alternatively, I agree to cover any costs relating to accidents that may occur at the barn which result in injury to my dog. All interaction and dog play is monitored by daycare staff to avoid incidents however, I understand my dog(s) may sustain accidental injuries and I agree to cover any veterinary fees pertaining to my dog. Lilys’ Barn nor its employees will not accept responsibility for the death, injury or illness of your dog whilst at daycare. You are strongly advised to insure your pet for all eventualities.

9. My dog(s) has not been suffering from any infectious or contagious diseases/illnesses or been exposed to such a disease/illness during the 21 days prior to attending Lily’s Barn.

10. My dog(s) is able to share play areas within the day care centre and attend group walks (max 5 dogs).

11. My dog(s) is able to be let off the lead on walks away from the barn, unless the owner has requested otherwise.

12. My dog(s) is able to travel within the purpose built transport with a dog from another household providing they have been introduced prior to travelling and staff at Lily’s Barn are confident that both dogs are safe to travel together.

13. We reserve the right to act in the best interests of the dog at all times this includes seeking veterinary advice if he/she becomes ill. We will contact you immediately should your dog become ill. If you cannot be contacted within a reasonable time or have chosen not to be contacted we reserve the right to seek appropriate and swift veterinary attention and proceed with treatment regardless of costs, which you agree to cover. We will do everything needed for the dog as regards treatment, comfort and recovery. If euthanasia is absolutely necessary (determined by the vet) for whatever reason excluding behavioural (aggression etc) we will accept and act upon that vet advice.

14. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any dog or to dismiss any dog that does not meet the health, temperament or other daycare standards. The determination shall be made at the sole discretion of daycare staff. Please note, we would appreciate no less than 48 hours notice of any cancellations. Any late cancellations will be liable for the full charge if we are unable to fill the space. I give my permission for a key to be maintained by Lily’s Barn if necessary and give permission for access to my house to collect and drop off my dog/s. An emergency number will be provided for anything concerning my dog or my property.

Lily’s Barn holds a Combined Liability Insurance Policy which covers loss and/or damage to third party property and/or bodily injury to third party persons. Please ask for more details regarding the insured risks and we will be pleased to provide further information.